If your Drivewyze is not displaying any prepass information:

Verify Connections: 1: Verify Wireless connectivity to AMG-C. The below symbol should be displayed in the top right of the tablet:2:Verify the AMG-C unit bottom light is GREEN. A BLUE light indicates the tablet is NOT connected to the AMG-C.

3: Insure the driver is signed into the tablet.

4: Verify the ELD Status symbol (Truck icon) is GREEN

If any of thoes items were incorrect please travel past a weighstation to see if it works.

If this is still not working let your Driver Manager know so they can inform the safety department.
Safety Department will check:
1. To make sure the truck is enabled as subscriber mode in the drivewyze portal
2. Ensure location permission in XRS application is set to "Allow All The Time"
    Settings -> Apps -> Omnitracs XRS -> Permissions -> Location -> Allow all the time
3. Ensure "Appear on Top" is on.
Settings -> Apps -> Omnitracs XRS -> Appear on top